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Alert® Test Kits

Food Adulterations

Alert for Methanol is a 10 minute colour change field test for the determination of methanol contamination in spirits, beer and wine that can detect methanol levels as low as 0.35% (v/v).

Food Allergens

Alert for food allergen kits are microwell screening tests that compare up to 5 samples at a time against a known level of allergen. The tests provide visible results that clearly show whether a sample contains more or less of a food allergen than the control provided.

Seafood & Shellfish Toxins

Alert for Histamine is intended for the screening of histamine in scombroid species of fish, such as tuna, bluefish and mahi-mahi. Alert for Sulphites is a very simple and rapid semi-quantitative test for detecting sulphite residues in shrimp.


Alert Flunixin for Milk is an ELISA based assay for the detection of flunixin in milk. Flunixin is an NSAID of growing concern in the dairy industry.

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