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Food Safety
Food Adulterations

Neogen offers rapid tests for the detection of adulterants in food and drink, and animal feed. These include methanol in spirits, wine and beer, soya protein in food and ruminant by-products in feed and meat and bone meal.


Neogen’s AlertĀ® for Methanol is a 10 minute colour change field test for the determination of methanol contamination in spirits, beer and wine which can detect methanol levels as low as
0.35% (v/v).

The BioKits microwell assay test kits are available for the quantification of soy adulterants in foods. BioKits Soya Protein Assay Kit is a quantitative ELISA (0.5% detection limit) that specifically detects soya protein in raw and cooked/canned foods, meats/meat products.

Neogen’s RevealĀ® tests for ruminant by-products are easy-to-use and interpret strip tests that screens extracted samples in 15 minutes or less. If the test detects 1-2% ruminant by-product, two lines will form on the simple test device. The formation of only one line indicates a negative test result. Reveal for Ruminant in Feed test can detect as little as 1% ruminant by-products in feed and feed supplements. Reveal for Ruminant in MBM test can detect as little as 2% ruminant MBM in non-ruminant animal meal.

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