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Food Safety
Foodborne Pathogens


Neogen ANSR's rapid molecular-based pathogen detection assay utilizes patent-pending, unique isothermal amplification technology in a microtube format to accurately detect Salmonella and Listeria in a variety of food matrices and environmental samples. The system is flexible: one sample to high throughput operations can adopt the platform. Neogen ANSR's compact size allow it to be easily integrated into exisiting laboratory space.

Neogen’s Reveal® test systems have everything to complete a pathogen screen, including the enrichment medium. Reveal’s lateral flow device combines an immunoassay with chromatography for a rapid and accurate one-step result. Results are available 15 minutes after enrichment. The tests’ unique antibodies ensure sensitivity and specificity. Built-in visual control lines provide definitive interpretations.

Neogen’s GeneQuence® rapid pathogen detection assays utilize DNA hybridization technology in a microwell format to accurately detect Salmonella, Listeria, or Listeria monocytogenes. GeneQuence’s flexible format allows the system to be used manually to run just a few samples at a time, or to run up to 372 samples at a time fully automated. With either method, GeneQuence provides results that are extremely specific and easy to interpret.

Acumedia® - Since 1978, Acumedia has been a premier manufacturer of high-quality dehydrated culture media for industrial, pharmaceutical, biotech, food safety and life science applications. We produce over 240 different catalogue formulations and over 200 different exclusive custom formulations to meet specific customer requirements. Acumedia has the manufacturing capacity to produce media for high-volume large-scale industrial applications, yet is able to produce specific custom formulation needs in weeks instead of months.

Neogen NeoSeekā„¢ services include genomic testing solutions for the food industry. Services include an STEC confirmation assay that provides next day, DNA-specific test results for the seven pathogenic strains of E. coli and a Salmonella serotyping assay that provides Salmonella serotype determination using DNA-specific test results.

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