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Dressings & Condiments

Neogen offers the Dressings & Condiments industries the most comprehensive line of product safety solutions, including dehydrated culture media; quality indicator microbes, including tests for yeast and mold, coliforms, and total plate count; mycotoxins, including tests for aflatoxin and DON; foodborne allergens, including tests for peanut, milk, and egg; drug residues, including beta lactam residues in milk; and hygiene monitoring, including a market-leading ATP testing system.

Spoilage Organisms
Allergen Solutions
AccuPoint Advanced ATP Hygiene Monitoring System


Spoilage Organisms


Neogen's Soleris® system rapidly detects microbial contamination by monitoring the color changes produced by changing pH, and other reactions, generated by microbial growth. The automated optical system needs only a fraction of the time of traditional methods, with significantly less hands-on time. The Soleris system offers a wide array of rapid tests, including: total viable count, coliforms, E. coli, yeast and molds, lactic acid bacteria, and enterobacteriaceae. Neogen's NEO-GRID disposable filter membrane systems, and proprietary culture media, rapidly and easily detect or enumerate bacteria. NEO-GRID's yeast and mold test yields accurate results in only 48 hours. The new disposable Neogen Filter Test System utilizes cellulose membrane filter technology, and ampouled liquid media, to detect and quantify target organisms. Neogen's Acumedia subsidiary offers a full line of premier dehydrated culture media, available in lots of small custom blends to high-volume production.

Allergen Solutions


Working with the University of Nebraska’s Food Allergy Research and Resource Program (FARRP), Neogen pioneered rapid, easy-to-use, on-site food allergen tests. Its comprehensive line features tests for fourteen allergens, including those identified as the “big eight” from the Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act (FALCPA). Neogen offers screening and quantitative food allergen test kits that offer results in as little as 5 minutes. Neogen’s food allergen tests can detect the target allergen in ingredients, liquids, clean-in-place rinses, finished foods, and on environmental surfaces.

AccuPoint Advanced ATP Test System

Neogen's AccuPoint Advanced ATP Hygiene Monitoring System is a robust and lightweight, handheld system that validates the effectiveness of a hygiene program by detecting ATP from food residues and microorganisms present on surfaces and in liquids. The AccuPoint Advanced system includes:/p>

Other Dressing & Condiment solutions available from Neogen:

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