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Testing for Nutraceutical, Dietary & Functional Foods

Control of microbial contamination is a major concern in nutraceuticals, dietary & functional foods production. Manufacturers of botanicals, herbal products, oils, enzymes and protein powders can often face testing challenges. Manufacturers and producers must overcome these challenges and adopt testing strategies that address concerns over product safety.

Spoilage microorganisms such as Coliforms, yeast and mould can adversely impact on a product’s potency and shelf life. Detection can be challenging as current conventional methods for detecting microorganisms of concern are often labour intensive and require long holding times. The nature of these products can also cause issues with traditional and even rapid ‘ready to use’ plates and counting methods. In addition interpretation can be difficult when dealing with heavily coloured products or the inherent anti-microbial nature of some products.

Improving Nutraceutical Product Quality – Soleris Rapid Microbiology

Soleris® offers simple automated microbiology testing that is the ideal solution for manufacturers of botanicals, herbal products, oils, enzymes and protein powders. With Soleris you can overcome the issues often found when using traditional and conventional testing methods. Soleris microbial detection system detects spoilage microorganisms in a fraction of the time needed for traditional methods with less labour and reduced handling time. The smart assay measures microbial growth by monitoring biochemical reactions that generate a colour change in the media as microorganisms grow.

Faster Microbiology Means:

So How Does Soleris Work?

From samples to results through to knowledge. Optical technology and Soleris vials help you get results faster, with less sample handling, less labour and less chance for error.

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Microbial Test Time Savings

Soleris vs. Traditional Microbial Testing
Test Type Neogen Time to
Negative Results
Traditional Methods
Time to Results
Total Viable Count (TVC) 24 hours 48 hours
Enterobacteriacea 14 hours 24 hours
Yeast & Mould 72 hours 5 days
Coliforms 14 hours 24 hours
Staphylococcus 16 hours 48 hours
Pseudomonas 30 hours 48 hours
E. coli 18-24 hours 24 hours

Soleris Validation

Neogen commissioned a study by NSF International to evaluate the effectiveness of the Soleris system for the detection of organisms such as total viable count (TVC) and Enterobacteriaceae in finished herbal products, fish body oil, multivitamins and raw materials (e.g echinacea). An AOAC validation study for direct yeast and mould was carried out to evaluate the effectiveness of the Soleris system on saw palmetto powder and milk powder.

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