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Prepared Foods Industry

Neogen offers the prepared foods industry the most comprehensive line of product safety solutions, including dehydrated culture media; and rapid test kits for foodborne pathogens, including tests for E. coli O157, Salmonella, and Listeria; quality indicator microbes, including tests for yeast and mold, coliforms, and total plate count; mycotoxins, including tests for aflatoxin and DON; foodborne allergens, including tests for peanut, milk, and egg; and sanitation monitoring, including a market-leading ATP testing system.

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48-hour Direct Yeast & Mold

The new Direct Yeast and Mold vial can detect spoilage organisms faster and more accurately than traditional methods. Sensitive enough to detect 1 CFU per vial.

    • 14–48 hours for yeast and mold detection
    • Help release product in 48 hours
    • Simple sample preparation
    • Automated
    • Move inventory fast
    • Help improve product quality
  • AOAC Pending

DYM-109 vs. Traditional Methods

Yeasts and Molds CFU/g Detection times
Candida albicans (10231) 13 20.5
Candida krusei (6258) 12 14.0
Saccharomyces cerevisiae (9763) 9 19.1
Aspergillus terreus (1012) 510 25.9
Candida tropicalis 9 17.5

Look beyond PCR and Immunoassay Neogen has the ANSR

Neogen ANSR now offers tests for Salmonella and Listeria:

  • Isothermal amplification conditions
  • Fastest total time to results
  • Fewest handling steps
  • Minimal equipment start-up cost
  • Scalable from one sample to high throughput

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Other Prepared Foods solutions available from Neogen:

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