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Food Safety
Species ID

The identification of species content allows producers to verify the raw and cooked products they receive from suppliers are safe and wholesome while also protecting against mislabeling.

Neogen offers a range of species identification testing solutions, from our easy-to-use F.A.S.T.® assays, to high throughput ELISAs.

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Neogen’s BioKits for species identification are sandwich based ELISA assays which provide sensitive and specific qualitative detection of a range of animal species. These assays are designed for either raw or cooked species identification. They can be used for laboratory or on-site testing with a limited amount of start-up equipment.

The F.A.S.T.® Species Identification Kits are simple qualitative tests designed to allow the detection of species content in uncooked meats and meat products with a limit of detection of 1%. The test kits require little equipment and all reagents are pre-dispensed. The F.A.S.T. kit offers the ideal testing solution for on-site testing or laboratory use. A qualitative determination of species content can be made by visual inspection or by using a spectrophotometer to measure the absorbance.

Neogen’s PCR based tests provide a range of testing options for the qualitative detection of up to eight different species. The extraction procedure for these tests uses a proprietary magnetic bead technology that provides significant advantages over other methods of DNA extraction. Additionally the amplification is a single optimised protocol for all species.

Contract Laboratory Speciation Analysis: Neogen offers expert, reliable contract laboratory services for meat speciation which are carried out by highly trained scientific analysts.

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