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Food Safety

Neogen offers a range of products to detect the amount of food residue and other organic matter, such as bacteria, yeast and mould, that remain after cleaning. These tests can be incorporated into an organisation’s cleaning programme to monitor its effectiveness.


AccuPoint® Advanced Hygiene Monitoring System measures the ATP collected from food contact surfaces or rinse water samples as an indication of the cleanliness of the surface or purity of the rinse water. AccuPoint Advanced works by measuring the light created when ATP reacts with liquid stable enzyme chemical reagents in the system’s unique sampling devices. The higher the levels of food residue and microorganisms in a surface or rinse water sample, the more ATP, and the more light produced.

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AccuClean® is a simple test for the detection of protein and some sugars on food production surfaces. This fully self-contained test requires no instrument for reading and can be operated with a minimum of training. It’s ideal for food service applications and food processors who want an objective, inexpensive and quick method to gauge their hygiene levels but cannot justify a full ATP hygiene monitoring program.

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