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Genomic Solutions for Beef Cattle

Neogen’s GeneSeek operation provides DNA testing to help you select, manage and market commercial or seedstock cattle of verified genetic merit. By profiling traits animals will pass along to their progeny, you can make faster progress improving your herd.

Our operation in Lincoln, Nebraska is the most advanced operation of its type in the world, providing an array of genomic profiles, and genetic health, physical condition and diagnostic tests.

Commercial cattle producers

DNA testing with Igenity profiles and SeekSire parentage addresses several profit drivers:

Breeding (Seedstock) producers

Breeders and their associations turn to innovative GeneSeek Genomic Profilers, like the GGP-LD and GGP Bovine 150K, as a mark of quality in their seedstock cattle.

Commercial and seedstock producers also screen their cattle using our many other genetic and diagnostic tests. This information helps them develop and manage cattle with the desired genetic background. We invite you to learn more about our products and services. 

food safety  |  acumedia  |  genomics  |  Lab Services  |  Life Sciences  |  Toxicology
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