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Genomic Solutions for
Breeding Seedstock Cattle

Time. Money. Reputation.

GeneSeek® Genomic Profiles™ (GGP) help you select, manage and market young seedstock with confidence. With GGP you can focus time and money on the best – the cattle that brand your legacy. Verify maternal, performance and carcass traits in one accurate profile. Plus confirm parentage and genetic health in the same step.

GeneSeek – A New Brand of Partner

At Neogen GeneSeek, we make DNA profiling profitable for your seedstock operation. Profiling your cattle with GGP products can help you represent your seedstock with more accuracy and help you optimize seedstock breeding, management and marketing decisions. Insight from GGP profiling helps you improve profitability, differentiates your operation and enhances interest in your cattle. It sets you apart as a leader in the field.

Driving innovation to greater affordability

As genomic technologies evolve, your data may reveal even more insight in the future. We partner with seedstock producers, breed associations, researchers and others across the technology spectrum to give you the greatest possible benefit from your DNA data. One effort is constant innovation for higher accuracy tests at lower prices. We do this by finding genes causing health and fertility problems. Working with globally renowned scientists, we identify the actual causes of physical variations that matter most in cattle production and apply these discoveries in our products. As a result, we can give you information you can’t get elsewhere.

GGP portfolio
Our GGP-LD and GGP Bovine 150K provide you and your association faster breed improvement with highly accurate genomic-enhanced expected progeny differences (GE-EPDs).

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