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Genomic Solutions for Canine

Neogen's GeneSeek laboratory is the most experienced laboratory in the world for canine DNA identification and parentage testing services. To date, we have genotyped hundreds of thousands of dogs for breeders and registries alike.

Since the early 1990's we have been a leader in canine DNA testing. We have worked with canine registry organizations, both large and small, to establish and build DNA testing programs to fulfill each of their needs. Neogen's GeneSeek laboratory is the principal service provider for the American Kennel Club and the United Kennel Club.

The Canine DNA Parentage Test is used to determine a dog’s parents. Breeders and owners of dogs use this test to ensure accuracy of breeding records, confirm and guarantee pedigrees, and protect breed integrity.

The Canine DNA Identification Test, DNA PawPrint™ product produces a unique DNA profile of a dog. Since DNA is passed from parent to offspring, these DNA profiles can be used to verify relationships.

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