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GeneSeek® Genomic Profiler™ (GGP) Services

Our new GGP-LD and GGP Bovine 150K will provide you and your association with ultramodern tools to achieve faster breed improvement and highly accurate genomically enhanced estimated breeding values (GE-EBV). Download GGP Tech Sheet.

Product portfolio

GGP-LD – Your new workhorse profiler, the GGP-LD gives you an effective, affordable genomic profiler for routine seedstock profiling, selection and management. The GGP-LD offers high-accuracy genomic prediction at about half the price of high-density products. It is an ideal tool to test your entire bull-calf crop and your replacement females, too.

GGP Bovine 150K – The most powerful commercial seedstock profiler ever. The new GGP Bovine 150K will become the gold standard of commercial genomic profilers, making it ideal for elite seedstock, donor dams, A.I. studs and cattle profile data for the next generation of genomic tests.

ISAG reference for verifying parentage

USDA parentage markers – The GGP-LD and GGP Bovine 150K contain all of the globally recognized USDA parentage markers. Using these world-standard gene markers means any breed of animal tested will be eligible for consideration as a parent or progeny. These markers also are used by the world beef genomics research community.

Genetic health and conditions

The GGP Bovine 150K and GGP-LD come with built-in detection of many genetic abnormalities and conditions in breeding cattle. This saves you time getting the information if you need to order it.

food safety  |  acumedia  |  genomics  |  Lab Services  |  Life Sciences  |  Toxicology
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