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Industry Support

Beef Seedstock Cattle Customers – For our seedstock customers, our services are sold through breed associations. However, we support members, officers and staff of our customer partners, and offer marketing and education information about beef genomics. Our territory managers also are available for customer education.

Benefits of GE-EPDs to breeders

A GGP profile delivers data on maternal, performance and carass trait data for progeny predictions. Depending on the breed, profiling a day-old bull calf can produce GE-EPDs with accuracy equal to that of a bull that is 2 to 6 years old and has sired several calf-crops. Imagine what you can do with this insight.

Save Time - Earlier Selection. Evaluate the merit of bulls and females earlier in life. Speed seedstock improvement by guiding selection and mating with genomics. Make faster herd improvements.

Save Money - Focus on superior animals. Invest your time, money and reputation in bulls and dams of verified superior merit. Genomic-enhanced EPDs (GE-EPDs) deliver accuracy for young seedstock. Develop seedstock optimized for specific target production goals and ranch markets.

Build Reputation for Accuracy. You can market calving-ease, growth and carcass bulls according to customers needs. More accurate GE-EPDs for young sires and replacement females add value to your cattle. And, you can recongize potential A.I. sires and donor dams at a younger age.

Benefits of GE-EPDs to cow/calf producers

Greater Certainty - When your bulls perform as advertised, your customers can take your word to the bank. Our brand of partnering makes it easy for you - and your customers - to look into the future.

Maternal GE-EPDs improve profits per cow - Verify calving-ease bulls, saving ranchers' time and stress during calving. Identify bulls that can sire great mother cows. More precise selection of fertility shortens the calving interval, increases conception rates and improves breed back.

Performance GE-EPDs optimize cow/calf revenue and returns - Increase pounds weaned per exposed female. Raise productive cows tailored for the rancher's goals and grazing environment. Improve uniformity and performance.

Carcass GE-EPDs prefict beef quality - Identify bulls with superior carcass traits for selection aimed at retained ownership and selling into grids. Add "reputation value" to feeder claves. Predicts quality traits sooner and with less hassle than collection carcass data.

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