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Genomic Solutions for Research & Development

Neogen offers a range of genomic solutions for research and development, from mouse to plant genotyping.

Platform Selection:
•  Consultation
•  Contract R&D
Sample Management:
•  Sample Collection
•  Sample Preparation
SNP Profiling:
•  Illumina Infinium
•  Affymetrix
Marker Assisted Selection:
•  Sequenom SNP Panels
•  Illumina Goldengate
Identity & Diagnostics:
•  Microsatelites
•  qPCR
•  Sequenom Low SNP
•  Targeted Exome Capture
•  Genotyping
•  Metagenomics

Custom Genotyping Solutions

Genotyping Arrays
The Illumina and Affymetrix arrays offer the ability to interrogate virtually any SNP for any species. The high multiplexing and flexibility of the Infinium BeadChip chemistry is ideal for custom research opportunities.

Marker-assisted Selection (MAS) and Management (MAM)
GeneSeek taps the power and precision of mass spectrometry-based SNP genotyping. GeneSeek provides routine genotyping services using flexible and customized panels (from one to 1,000 SNPs) and unlimited sample numbers for aiding programs using genetic information in selection and breeding. Whether samples must be genotyped daily, weekly or monthly, GeneSeek is able to provide flexible turnaround time and data quality needed for any application.

Key features of GeneSeek’s MAS program include:

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