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Genomic Solutions for Swine

GeneSeek Genomic Profiler Porcine - LD BeadChip
Solution Slick (pdf)
This BeadChip provides approximately 10,000 SNPs, including commonly utilized USDA parentage and identity SNPs, SNPs used for breed identification and those associated with structural soundness. Other trait markers included are:

GGP chips also include:
  • Porcine stress syndrome (HAL)
  • Rendement napole (RN)*
  • Resistance marker to E. coli (F4 ab/ac)*
  • PRRS resistance/tolerance
  • Estrogen receptor (ESR)* which impacts litter size in Large White and Yorkshire breeds
  • Erythropoietin receptor—associated with uterine capacity and litter size
  • Six unique SNPs that can impact animal growth and meat quality—feed intake, conversion, weight gain, lean growth, fat content and meat quality


*Additional royalty fees will be applied for these optional, licensed tests

GeneSeek Genomic Profiler Porcine - HD
Solution Slick (pdf)
The GGP Porcine HD array features nearly 70, 000 SNPs that uniformly span the porcine genome. The SNPs were specifically chosen for minor allele frequency values for use in most commercial breeding lines.

SeekGain™ performance markers: GeneSeek’s swine performance trait testing program
GeneSeek offers validated porcine performance trait DNA marker testing utilizing information from seven unique genes that impact:

Additional tests
GeneSeek also provides a wide range of genetic and disease diagnostics for swine, including:

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