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Norovirus Testing

Norovirus can be found in human sewage. If the sewage contaminates the areas in which bivalve shellfish are grown, norovirus can be concentrated during the process of filter feeding.

Consumption of such shellfish, particularly when eaten raw, can pose a risk of gastroenteritis.

The methodology used by Neogen is Real Time PCR with results expressed in cycle times. The lower the cycle number the greater the amount of norovirus present in the extracted sample.

Using RT-PCR methodology Neogen offers sensitive and reliable detection of Norovirus. By utilising Neogen's technical expertise, wide range of testing kits, contract services and customer aftercare you can be assured that you are protecting your brands integrity.

To place an order please call +44 (0) 1292 525 628 or click to email labservice@neogeneurope.com.

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